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will my abuser win in court?

i have been friends with my ex for ten years. i started dating my ex in Jan 2013. he started hitting me in March 2013 when I read his emails and caught him flirting, confronted him, and he beat me. I would then look at his fb, see inappropriate content with various women, and tell him to stop or i'm leaving. he would them beat me, blame me, etc. he has told people i'm abusing, evil, crazy, stalking, dangerous, and a liar. that is who HE is, not me. we broke up in August 2013. since we tried to be friends/working things out etc. and this dynamic started again. I pressed charges for another attack. He would not let me leave, strangled me, etc. I got the police to take pics of some bruises and scratche on my neck, face, knee, and arm. The injuries are not that visible.. He will claim it was self defense, and he told his roomate that it was too. Everyone heard me screaming for my life and NO ONE called the cops or even looked outside. They let him alsost kill me. I feel soooo scraed of him, hopeless, and like nooo one will believe me. Do you think the courts will see he is a pathological liar? will he use the fact that we fight/break up etc against me? He will say it is my fault and i am abusive bc i accuse him and yell at him for alleged cheating, but i do that because he has cheated in the past and he flirts and I feel soooo insecure bc of his put downs. I'm so scared he will fool everyone like he fooled me. PLEASE no judgement, i feel bad enough about myself as it is :( . With threats to my life and my family's, he manipulated me to lie to the hospital in one incident, made me file a false report last spring that a black eye was due to a mugging, and made me write emails and state in recordings that i hit him frist and the beatings were in his self defense.

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