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Will Chrome OS/Chromium OS become more mainstream in the future?

I currently have an HP Chromebook, and I like it a lot. In the future, I might be interested in installing Chrome OS/Chromium OS on a future desktop PC and dual booting it with Windows. However, as of now, it is entirely possible to compile it from open source or download an unofficial image, but the former option is a lot trickier while the ladder is unofficial and not supported. It is also a pain to dual boot, as it seems that the only option for installation is to reformat an entire hard drive, or to manually install the operating system via a Linux Live CD. My current question is, will Chrome/Chromium OS become more mainstream in the future? Will Google make it more convenient to download for free or purchase the Operating System like Windows or Ubuntu, and make it a lot easier to install? Will Chrome OS become a purchasable or open-source OS that isn't just exclusive to Chomebooks? Will Chromium OS become more convenient to download and install in the future without having to manually compile it or use an unofficial/outdated build? Will Google support a wider range of drivers or software in the future? Is there any evidence that Google will do any of these things in the future? Will Chrome OS become more mainstream? Thanks, Matt

2014-01-16 21:06:19

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