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I'm falling for my best friend but he is gay?

I met this guy at the beginning of the school year and we became really close friends. Last weekend we went on a school theatre trip and we did everything together. During the trip he kept joking about me being "one of the guys" and Ispent most of my time in the boys room because there was drama between me and some of the girls on the trip. Then during the banquet and dinner I rigged it so that I could sit next to him and we ignored everyone else at the table and had our own conversation. Then he kept joking about buying me something from my favorite play (which no other guy has understood my love for musicals). Then he slept on my lap the whole ride home. He has a boyfriend and I know they are in a committed relationship and I know he does not like me that way. Imheartbroken because he understands me more than any other guy i have met. I cant tell him my feelings because I don't want to freak him out by telling him I have feelings for him should I stop talking to him?what should I do?

2014-01-16 21:01:11

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