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can eating mushrooms give you a sinus infection?

a few days ago i ate something that contained mushrooms. i don't generally eat mushrooms, mostly because i dislike the taste, but i have no known allergies to it whenever i have eaten it. anyway. back to a few days ago, i had only a little bit of that dish with mushrooms. in the same week, i started having headaches, and dizziness etc. went to a doctor, and he detected congestion in my chest and fluid behind my ear building up due to congestion. the headaches have gone away and i am still on an antibiotic course. i was just curious what caused it. i was given an antibiotic by the doc, so i guess he thinks it's a bacterial sinus infection, right? but my first thought was ...mushrooms. that's the only unusual thing i ate before this. so, is it a fungal infection? can eating mushrooms give you a fungal infection since mushrooms are a fungus? but then why am i feeling slightly better with the mucinex and antibiotic course? i didnt mention the mushrooms to the doctor because i didn't think much of it. but i googled sinusitis and it said it could be caused by fungus. well, mushrooms are fungus.....and a light bulb went ON! i am kind of scared. should i go back to the doctor and mention the mushroom dish? should i just wait out the antibiotic course? or am i just being paranoid about eating mushrooms giving me a sinus infection? help! (-:

2014-01-16 21:07:39

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