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How can i connect my wifi router through internet port?

Here's the thing, every device uses wifi now. However, the dorm rooms at my school only provide ethernet ports to connect computers and we have no wifi access for our phones. I bought a belkin router and hooked it to the ethernet port in my room, which worked perfectly for about 2 minutes before the setup page popped up. It is asking for 4 things: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Server. The router couldn't fetch what kind of connection it was, so i chose static and input all of the information asked for, i fetched it by connecting my computer through ethernet and copying it down. However, when i chose static connection and entered it in, my router still won't connect. Something is going wrong and i can't detect it, for i am a lousy music major, not computer science (which would come in handy right now). I need to know what i'm doing wrong and how to make my router work! I don't have access to a modem, just an ethernet port.

2014-01-27 04:25:41

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