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how to change up my look!?

im a 13 year old girl my parents won't let me pierce my ears, much less dye my hair but I had chocolate brown eyes and chocolate brown hair with some blonde highlights, faded though slight acne with moderate freckles, average weight, 90 pounds My name is Anna, and im really shy. Teachers or other kids will call me Anne, Annie, even Amy! I know, i should be like, pshhh, whatever but it really hurts that kids, even teachers can't take up their time to memorize my name ITS A SIMPLE ANNA There is two letters and its the same spelled backwards!!! Also theres another girl in my grade, Marie. She is easily 125 lbs. She sorta looks like me and other kids always greet me by saying, Hi Marie! and they don't realize that I try to laugh it off but it hurts I do correct people, but they never listen. Or people call me by my sisters name, Danielle. Hey Danielle! My sister is 16! i don't take it as a compliment I want to change my look. COMPLETELY I want to lighten or darken my hair, or make it look more red, but my parents won't let me They said I can't get my ears pierced until im 15 What I want to do: Work out, get thinner and more in shape. Remove my freckles naturally? do something with hair... I know, I should just shake it off, but I can't im really sensitive and it hurts. I guess im open to cut my hair, my hair is down to my half chest Nothing shorter that shoulder though

2014-01-27 04:29:42

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