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Acting help please!!!?

Okay, so i had an audition for the school play. I thought it went pretty well even though I didn't look up off the paper. They acted like they really liked me. But, one of my friends received a call that they made the cast. I haven't and it is really starting to worry me:( I want to be an actress when I get older and hopefully become famous one day. Do you think i made it? I didn't look up because I hadn't memorized the monologue and I wanted to prove I could act and not worry about memorizing the lines. I know I will need to for professional auditions, but this is highschool. i'm 16 at the moment, and I'm also wondering what should be my next step in acting? Like, how should I pursue my career? I want to do movies, not so much live drama. If you could answer any of my questions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!:D

2014-01-27 04:30:13

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