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How long should I stay at 0g before inserting 2g flared taper?

I had been at 2g for a long time...probably 6 months or more. Finally invested in some quality wooden jewelry, a flared wooden tunnel. I wasn't able to immediately use the jewelry because each end of the plug is flared requiring me to size up. I tapered up to 0g very smoothly, and once I did I put in the wooden tunnel which now fits. But I just was struck with the thought, what if I won't be able to get out the plug because I hadn't stayed at 0g long enough. So, my question is, should I stay at a 0g for a while before I actually wear my 2g flared tunnel? And if so how long? I only wear a plug in my right ear, just fyi.

2014-01-27 04:29:24

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