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what is the problem with my new spectacles?

I am having a disorder of keratoconus in both my eyes and my right eyes is the one which is affected the most. My doctor has prescribed me to wear spectacles as i was not comfortable with the Rose K Contact lense. My prescription for my spectacles is: RIGHT EYE : SPH (-2.00) CYL(-2.50) Axis (20°) VA (20/30) LEFT EYE : SPH (+0.00) CYL (-1.75) Axis (160°) VA (20/20) Whenever i wear these spectales, from the left eye i can see objects very clear but through my right eye objects seem to be tilted from their original axis which causes headache and im unable to wear them for a long period of time. I asked my doctor about this but he told that it will take some time for my eyes to adjust with the specs but im still not satisfied that why do the objects seem tilted from the right eye whenever i wear those spectacles.

2014-01-27 04:35:21

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