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How much trouble can I get in for underage drinking?

So after a swim meet this Friday a few team mates (5-6) and I went over to the team captains house to hangout and drink. David (the team captain) went to get the alcohol, he came back and we all started to drink. Me and Matt had to go home but David and the rest of the guys went to this team bonding thing later with the rest of the team, David had one too many I guess and past out and started throwing up, coach found out the next day that he threw up and past out and called all of us to see what happened. He told the Athletic Director and all 6 of us are getting interviewed by him. Can we get kicked off the team??? Can we get suspended?? We're in highschool, can we still get in trouble even though our coach was not there? Do they have proof??

2014-01-27 04:36:41

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