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i believe my reoccurring dream is a fragment of my past life?

I asked this in another category, possibly the wrong one. I've always wanted to know a little more about my past lives but am unsure of how to dig a little deeper. I've had this main reoccurring dream since I was a young child. It always begin like this; I'm standing in a middle of a campsite, possibly 14th century era? It's clear that the camp had been attacked and is under complete chaos. I hear women screaming and children crying, men are running around and yelling orders. There's a fire spreading throughout and I'm frozen. The fear I have in that moment has seemed to left me immobilized. My hands are desperately clutching onto my velvet red dress, which seems a little royal-like to me, and my heart is pounding so hard. I suddenly hear someone scream out at me to run and find movement in my feet, finally. I turn around and I see these armor-clad men on black horses running in my direction. The leader of the group whips out a sword and swings it at me, then I wake up. Every time.

2014-01-27 04:33:34

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