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Creative & catchy gender neutral terms for boy/girlfriend?

Okay so I don't like these names: *Significant Other / S.O.- They sound to formal and S.O. feels weird saying out loud. *Enbyfriend- This adresses only Non-Binary people, I want one that can address anyone. *Partner- I'm not a cowboy. *Honey / Babe / Sweetheat etc.- I feel really stupid saying these nicknames. *Date- No. I had a friend that came up with sigfig based of math, but it turned out to be a word for someone who TURNS INTO their significant other, and who want's to be called that? Boy/girlfriend just slides naturally off my tongue while I talk. Other name's don't do the same, so if someone could help me come up with a catchy gender neutral boy/girlfriend names that would be great. Get creative!

2014-01-27 04:38:43

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