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does this kid think I am cute?

There is this guy I like and when I am by him he does these awkward things, I believe he likes me but I don't know if I am only telling myself that because I like him. what do you think? Let me just say that I don't talk to him so I don't have much verbal things and these are just things he does not just signs of him liking me . 1. when I sit in front of him he always looks behind like he is looking or trying to see some one else. 2. when I don't sit in front of him he looks at me for a second and then he trys to looks for someone else in a different direction. (basically #1 but I am not in front of him 3. he always looks down on his phone 4. he is outgoing but when he laughs he kinda over does it by me (maybe when I am not there too how should I know) 5. when he looks at me he looks in my eyes for a good second and looks away ( I personally think this is a bad sign cause I thought guys would be shy to look in my eyes if they liked meh) 6. he eats quick 7. when other people offer food he will take it but when I offer it to people he doesn't say anything (i am not really friends with him so) 8. I try to look for him and he does the same (sometimess) >,> 9. he is quite outgoing or at least through my point of view. I don't really know where hangs out at so I don't know much about his life (relationshipstatus, friends, etc)

2014-01-27 04:44:53

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