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Help me make a decision please :/?

When I turn 16( very soon) I want to get a job right away, but my problem is that I want to save up for two things & I'm asking y'all for an opinion on what to get first. Well the first things is, that I want to build my own custom computer & they budget would be around $1500-1700 maybe a bit more (includes monitor,mouse & keyboard). And they 2nd thing Is a car & that buget would probably $1500- $3000. My mind tells me vehicle but my heart tells me custom pc. I don't graduate for another 3 years basically so I can definitely both of them during that time period if I save $$ responsibly. I also gotta pay for the tests to get my license, & get insurance, & pay for gas if I get decide to get a car. If I decide to go the pc route, then I be able to help pay some bills after I get it all built & rdy to go! I will also be spending some $$ on games ( because that's what it's gonna be used for). What is your opinion?

2016-10-27 04:15:49

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