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I haven't done anything with my life...?

I graduated high school in 2015, it's about to be 2017 and I haven't done anything at all. My friends turned out to be fake, so I have no friends and now have trust issues. I cry all the time because I'm so lost, I'm a fûcking baby. I don't want to go to college because I don't even have a goal or a dream and I don't want my parents to waste money on anything for no reason. And I don't want to work because I feel like I have social anxiety, I can't talk to anyone without starting to sweat. And I'm just so scared of life, of stressing so much like my teachers told me I would in the future, about getting use to working and having a daily routine and not really living life. I don't want that, and I know there's no way that I can not not do that because that's how we live, we have to work to survive. But I don't want to, and all I do is cry and I don't want to think about it but I think I'm depressed. And I have no one, my mother doesn't love me like she loves my sister, I've always been the ugly one. Never had a bf never been kissed, always punks on or bullied. And because I'm sad I feel like I'm becoming bitter and my family tells me I'm a bïtch, and I hate it. I don't know if I belong here I don't know what to do

2016-10-27 05:12:20

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