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My qualifications to raise a Black kid?

I was asked on ICQ chat, if I would be able to raise a black kid by adopting... Educating him about black life and things like that. I said... That depends on a whole lot. I can educate him. Anybody can be educated. I can buy books about African Tribes. I can buy books about African Cities. I can buy books about African bantu Languages. I can buy books about African Animals. I can buy books about people who studied Africa and African animals, especially about Jane Goodall. And about famous figures like Charles Darwin, and Steve Irwin and Jack Hanna. I can buy books about Primates and Human evolution. I can buy books African religions. I can buy books about European colonialism in Africa, and about the REAL British and Dutch slave trade. I buy books about Europe give him a REAL understanding about the people his ancestors were really dealing in in REALITY and what exactly they were like at home, AND in Africa. I can even buy books about Martin Luther King... AND Malcolm X... and I am ln fact living with somebody who was friend's with Hayer, and can expose Malcom X for what kind of a REAL dangerous creep he really was. I can even take him on an African Safari... AND go visit African cities... THAT are even the least bit safe, whatsoever. But the fact of the matter is, is that NONE of it is what the government wants to have crammed down his throat... And none of it would suffice when he goes to interact with the majority of his people here in America's ghettos.

2016-10-27 05:21:47

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