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Is it so wrong that I want my man to be successful to succeed to be and do his best and use his potential and push him to do so ?

I'm not talking about going for a guy who is pre successful already I'm talking about turning a guy who is not successful into one that is My way of showing love to a man I care about and love is called "Tough" love "hard love " I just want what's best for him Best for the both of us It's to make him stronger tougher and harder For his own good I just want my guy to be strong succeed and do his best and become successful is that so wrong ? Isn't that normal don't other women want the same for their men Is it wrong to push a guy to his very limit If I didn't care or love a guy I wouldn't bother with him But I'm not satisfied or happy with a lazy underachieving boyfriend or husband I'm not ok with having a weakling or wimp as my man I'm a strong ambitious powerful woman I need a man who is equally strong ambitious and powerful if not more to stand by my side So that together we can conquer the world and make strong powerful beautiful babies Is that so wrong for a woman to want that I'm sure I'm not the only girl who wants that and a lot of girls out there are like me

2016-11-29 15:58:54

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