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I want a couple girls to be punished because they told me that I had an obligation to show them to a girl who I liked?

These were girls that I met in high school. Although I am responsible for allowing myself to even say hi to them and allowing myself to talk to them, they also said some things to me that were dumb and they also weren't deserved either. They told me I was making excuses and that I should take them to the girl who I liked. I also find that I don't like girls anymore now that I am 20 and see the real world for what it truly is (that doesn't mean I'm gay either though). I become very angry anytime I think of these two people and I even deleted them from my Facebook! Also keep in mind I never had a relationship with a girl and I don't want one, also I don't have an obligation to be in one even if I was 80-100 year old.

2016-11-29 17:24:55

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