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Is two parents of an infant child always arguing reason enough to lose their child?

I know a young couple who recently had a baby and all they do is argue with each other in front of the baby and don't even stop when their child cries because of them. They also throw stuff at each other and across the room when they get really mad they have never hurt the baby in the process physically. Their child is almost 10 months old now and their arguing is just worse with slamming doors and screaming to the top of their lungs they obviously don't care about the child crying over it or to argue in a different room they both seem so tired and stressed all the time but very in my opinion, incapable of being good parents.... I have seen their child display emotions of anxiety and minor challenges if you know what I mean... Not to be mean just trying to help. So is that reason enough for that poor baby to be taken away? And trust me both sides of their family is no better than them. I have known them both for many years. They ALSO don't ever really pay attention to the baby they're always on their phones or doing something else while baby plays alone. They always feed/care for the baby but they never really bond with their baby or seem interested Also because they want to sleep when the baby wakes up and cries they let her cry while they stay in bed they don't really seem fit or stable for a child. What do you think?

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