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Will you please just stop hating on 12 year olds?

Okay so I'm 12 (sisters account) I don't want to sound like I want attention or anything like that because I don't. I'm just really annoyed that people think 12 year olds are irresponsible and can't be deppresed, heartbroken, ect. Well they can. Just because some kids on the internet go around acting like stupid idiots dosn't mean that everyone around their age is one. This actually makes me feel really sad and I would really appreciate it if you thought for a moment before calling someone 12 as an insult or something. I know this isn't really something worth complaining about but seeing people hating on 12 year olds have started to get to me. Thank you for reading this. If you don't hate on 12 year olds then great. I'm not saying everyone does hate on them but the majority of people I have talked to absolutly despises them.

2017-01-03 00:29:41

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