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Advice on a big move?

Hi! I'm Jenna, 20 y/o and currently in an internship at Disney World. I have a problem. I moved from MA to FL for this internship about 4 months ago. I work 12, exhaustingly long and physical days, and do not enjoy my work. However, I absolutely love the people and the atmosphere. It's magical, despite my constant complaints on the long hours, double rule standards, and the work itself. The problem is that I'm here for another 3 months and am conflicted. Moving back home, away from these people and this experience, is heartbreaking. Half of me craves to be here, to perform here, and to surround myself with them. The other half reminds myself that while I love them, truly my work isn't satisfying nor something I can do long term without going crazy. Basically, I need advice on what I should do. I want to be happy in both my work and environment. And while at home I am happy in my work (somewhat, I have occasional reservations), here I am happy in my environment. Please help :(

2017-01-03 01:08:58

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