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Will anyone in my lifetime tell me what I should eat in order to build muscle?

Look, my squat is 170 kg. My deadlift is 140 kg. I can do 10 reps of each. It's just that recently I feel like I've hit a plateau and that I can go further anymore. I'm sure it is related to food because I constantly add resistance to my workouts. I very often get out of the gym very tired. I don't kid inside, I'm very serious. What I mostly eat is carbs and protein, rice, pasta, eggs, tuna, chicken... But some people say my diet is "VERY" restricted... It's true that I do not give too much importance to fruits and vegetables, but that's because I don't know what I should daily eat. Can anyone tell me what I'm lacking? What are the foods that should NEVER be neglected?

2017-03-19 07:41:33

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