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Do you think I should quit my job and focus on my mental health?

Just today I found out that we were short three days and idk how that's even possible when I gave the change that was on the computer and I felt so so so bad that I started thinking about all these negatives thoughts about myself and how everyone is going to think of me when I come back and on my ride home I realized that maybe the job I'm working at is too much for my health.. i mean we're a new restuarant and everything is so just overwhelming and I try so hard to keep up but after today I think that it would be best for me and for everyone if I left to take care of my happiness my health, but at the same time i also don't want to miss out on any opportunities because this is the first job that I actually felt like I could be myself. I honestly don't know what to do anymore I just know that when I come in for work everyone is going to know what happened and they're going to start treating me different :/ please give me some advice

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