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Can my parents force me to wear the Hijab?

Ever since I got my period, my father has been telling me that I should wear the hijab. Every time he asked, I would ignore him and say "next time." It got to the point where he would force me to wear it and say that it is not a choice and I am required to wear it. However, my Islamic Studies teacher has said that it is better to wear the hijab only if your heart and wants to. It s better to not wear it at all, than wearing it because your parents told you to. I m stuck in between. I don t want to wear the hijab because people have said that I would look weird in the hijab, and I m friends with mostly Chinese so I m scared to alone. Thing is, I just want to know if it has stated in the Qur an anywhere if parents can force their daughter to wear the hijab.

2017-03-19 09:33:34

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