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What to do if you see a bear in the woods?

So this weekend, me and my friend and his sister went fishing, we parked like half a mile from the lake since we have to walk through a path in the woods. When we were all done, my friend said he would take all the stuff to the car of we would look for his $100 bill that he dropped, so we said yes. We found it, then started to head back, and there are 2 different paths that you can go through, but i told his sister that the long one was the shorter way because i like her and wanted more time with her, but the long one is much more dense, so you cant really see anything past the tree line. About 1/4 mile into it, she said, "Dude wtf is that?" I realized she was pointing to a freaking big azz black bear! So i told her to just act like she didnt notice it and not make noise so maybe it wouldnt notice us, but it did. It it started walking towards us so we were both sort of walking backwards away from it. After about 10 secs, it started to come at us faster (it was about 20 ft from us) so i told her to come really close to me to make us look bigger so we were walking really close to each other not saying anything (i was suprised for a 19 year old girl she wasnt screaming or anything) i eventually tripped over something, it was a big log about the size of a persons leg, so i picked it up and whispered to her on the count of 5, we both charge at it yelling and i was going to hit it, so we did it and it ran away into the woods before i could hit it. Guns arent allowed in the area

2017-03-19 10:10:46

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