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Should I go on Accutane?

I m about to turn 18 in about a month and I ve been getting cystic acne since I was about 13-14. I didn t know I had cystic acne when I was that age so I continuously forced them to pop which was awful and left my skin with so many bad scars that are mostly on my cheeks. I continue to get cysts but not as bad and big as before probably because I ve been taking birth control pills for over a year to help my acne. My dermatologist recommended me Accutane along with a few other dermatologists once they saw my acne but my mom really thought it was a bad idea because of all the potential side effects, therefore, I instead went with the contraceptives. However, they don t help completely. Now I m getting acne on my forehead which rarely happened before and it s getting me really depressed. I don t know if it s cause my dermatologist or pharmacist switched the type of contraceptives. But I ve been really considering taking Accutane because I m just really done with my acne and the redness it leaves behind making me look like a pepperoni pizza. I really am scared about the side effects but I just can t stand it with my acne! I want to become an actress and my acne doesn t give me any confidence to succeed but that s sorta a different story. Should I take it? I know the whole procedure behind Accutane btw but I just need some advice on what I should do.

2017-03-19 10:25:35

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