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Marines VS National Guard?

Now I understand that the missions of the two branches differ greatly, it is not a matter of what they do, but rather how the lifestyles work I'll be a freshman in college here in a few months, I've already committed to one year and for a while have planned on enlisting into the Marines after my first year as an active duty Marine. I share a good relationship with the local recruiter and really enjoy the time I get to spend with the Marine Poolees. I ache for that brotherhood/sisterhood, the traveling, and the experiences I'd get as an Active Duty Marine. I understand whole-heartedly that the USMC is the toughest branch out there and holds the highest standards and such. Yet there is a part of me that's conflicted because I'd like to continue education-- now I plan to in the USMC online or after my enlistment. But I feel it is more education-friendly in the Guard. (My planned major is Criminology, minoring in either Pre-Law or Arabic). And the university I'm attending freshman year offers Army ROTC which means I could be Guard and then be commissioned as an officer, whether I decide to go Active then or Reserve I don't know. I'm just curious if there are any Marines or Soldiers who could talk me into any incentives towards which branch I decide. As of now I'm leaning more towards the USMC, I'd love to be one of the few, yet I wonder if that is the best decision for me.

2017-03-19 11:07:50

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