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How do I stop giving into binge eating?

I'm trying to stick to 1000 calories a day for weight loss purposes, which during the week I seem to stick with, but then on the weekends I get these absolute terrible urges to eat all the bad foods and eat over my calorie amount. This undoes all my hard work which I have done during the weekdays and I feel so ashamed of myself, so I don't even enjoy the bad foods when I eat them. I feel like I'm losing control - when I restrict during the week, I feel more unhappy than usual and I feel trapped because I'm not allowed to eat a lot or eat bad foods, then on the weekend I just have no willpower to say no to these urges to binge even though I am terrified of gaining weight and I know these binges will ultimately lead to putting on weight. Yesterday I ate about 2100 calories (more than double my usual amount) and I feel absolutely terrible about it. The maximum amount I should eat to maintain my current weight is 1350 calories so I know I'm going to gain weight now since I ate so much yesterday. Please can somebody give me some advice on how to not give into binge eating?

2017-03-19 11:33:58

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