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Are you a good little christian boy\girl?

Yeah I bet you are. Ooh yes, you like it don't you? Feeling the power of Jesus just make it all hot and wet with holy water. Yes, ooh yes. Reading that holy bible makes you say bring it to me cloud daddy. Who's your cloud daddy, ooh yes , you like that don't you. You feel it inside that holy spirit just making you come , you want to come don't you? Say yes, sky daddy I want to come to that heaven. Oh yes. Mmmm, make you all want to splash holy water all over the bible study room don't you? That proverbs 1:14 make you want to say "give it to me oh yes I'm a good little christian boy/girl, I'll be your Christian any thing you want, just give it me oh yes oh yes".rubbing that bishop cloth all over your hot n sweaty forehead. You like it when sky daddy just spanks all your sins away, yeah spank that oh yes. Make you say"love of Christ, ooh give it to me it feels so good ".

2017-03-19 12:43:36

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