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POLL: Which Scenario Would You Choose?

Let's say you just got a pet you've wanted for a really long time, I'm going to say cat, but if you hate cats or are allergic, pretend it's some other animal. Here are the scenarios: Scenario 1: You get your cat on Monday, by the next Monday, the cat is dead. It could've gotten lost in the woods, fallen into a pool, hit by a car. It dies painlessly and instantly. It's dead, and you never got to know the cat, it was very young, and you don't have enough to buy a new one, not that you'd even want to so soon. Scenario 2: You get your cat on Monday. The first year of having this cat is amazing, it's active, playful, and cuddly. You love this cat. However, exactly one year after you got the cat, somethings wrong. You go to the vet and find out it has a disease, that will slowly eat away at your cat. When you go home, that cat doesn't get better, it stops playing, it's not active, it snaps at whoever comes near it. It dies 3 years later, after slowly deteriorating into her cat, who only got up to eat something.

2017-03-19 13:14:36

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