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What are good online summer clothing stores for 18-22 y/o guys?

I'm trying to shop online for some clothes for this summer, but I'm not sure where to go. My look is pretty basic, usually just a nice loose fitting t-shirt with small to no logos and either some like board shorts or some slim khakis/jeans and maybe a hoodie... Pretty casual, nothing crazy. For reference I used to shop at Pacsun/AE/H&M - those types of places, but they just scream "I'm in highschool" with awkward fitting and dumb giant logos like Y&R, Quicksilver, etc. Any ideas? Also, to help, I like the type of stuff Vineyard Vines and Rowdy Gentleman have, but 1. They're dumb expensive, and 2. just make you look like you're trying waayyyyy too hard.

2017-05-22 11:16:15

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