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Why does my neck make a clicking sound?

So, I recently asked a question like this already, but it did not get enough answers for me to quite figure out what's going on. Let me recap on what happens. Every morning when I wake up, my neck makes this huge click sound when I push my neck forward. It usually takes a couple of tries. If I don't do this "clicking" in the morning, it will happen later in the day, like when I am eating or when I least expect it. Once it happens the first time, it starts to get softer in sound. I can do it 20-30 times in a minute. This is not regular articular release. This "clicking" sometimes causes headaches, although I can't be sure it's the cause but most likely is the cause. Please help! I don't know what this is. Is it any bone/muscle disease? I am 14, so I doubt it is arthritis. And could it be as simple as tight neck muscles? Let me know if you know what it is and/or if you experience the same problem as me.

2017-05-22 13:45:13

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