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Im not growing any taller?

I am turning 17 in a month and have barely grown anything since I was 14. I went from 169 cm (5'6 ½) to 173 cm (5'8) since the age of 14. My dad is 183 cm (6 feet) and my mom is 164 cm (5'4 ½). Every male relative from both mom's and dad's side is 180 cm (5'11) or more. Almost all of my friends have outgrown me since I stopped growing as much. All of them got a huge growth spurt at the age of 15 but I didn't for some reason. I might be a late bloomer but I'm not perfectly sure. I like sports and working out but I'm not aware of getting any injuries that damaged my growth plates or bones. I also keep myself well fed and constantly gain weight in muscle and I'm about 70 kg (155 pounds) right now. I do have a problem with sleep though and that might be the cause but I'm not perfectly sure but during school days I usually get around 5 hours of sleep per night. I'm desperate to know if there might be something wrong with me or if I'm just a late bloomer but I'm asking here just in case.

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