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Why doesn t my mom listen to my needs?

My mom and her husband built a wall the seperate my stepsister and I s bedrooms and they put this wooden sheet/paneling over it and her side is perfectly smooth and they jacked up my side. They said they would fix it but they havent yet and its been 3 freaking months. Then there s the "closet", its basically just a metal object used to hand up a few articles of clothing but they have my trying to hang all of my clothes on it and it was broken when they gave it to me. They said they would turn the storage room into a closet for me but that was 4 months ago and they still havent done it. It doesn t sound like a real issue but everytime I try to clean my room it stresses me out and makes me want to cry because I want my room to be presentable and I want it to be able to look nice but i cant have that when I am forced to put my bed in the middle of the room because I cant move anything around to make it look good

2017-07-30 00:11:11

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