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Why do women slow down if they think they're being followed?

FYi, if anyone comes running at you planing to cause you harm, don't stand still. Its stupid if I am coming for you, plus it makes me mad and it makes you a target. The girl stopped dead looking like a Pompeii plaster cast. Another FYI, if I am coming for you, you won't see me walking behind you in the street like an idiot. I'll find you in the place you said you were on Twitter. Using steak knife to kill a ***** in a bistro, now that's entertainment! Yes, if you gathered that right, I will never follow you in the street. But I am disguised as a delivery man so I can get you in the bathroom at work with gasoline. Just FYi when you feel like someone is walking behind you, keep walking.

2017-07-30 01:54:41

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