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Does this sound like a panic attack?

So I know I have a history of anxiety. Depression as well as suicidal thoughts. But throughout a few years I've always had these little attacks that some times are worse than others. Basically, I'll be fine one minute, and the next I start progressively feeling like I'm not getting enough air, so usually what helps me get a full breath is yawning. Then it gets worse. I start constantly feeling the need to take a deep breath. Sometimes it hesitates. Like something blocking that full breath of air from coming in. Then I start panicking cause I feel like I'm almost suffocating. I start shaking profusely and my heart starts racing. I try breathing through my nose but sometimes it just won't help. These attacks will last for at the most 10 minutes. Yesterday I had one and a mini one earlier today. I'm so scared something's really wrong, and I'm hoping it's only the panic attacks so I can just get prescription for it.

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