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How do I mend fences with a guy who could he my soulmate?

I was the supervisor of the most wonderful guy I have ever met, he is my age, very kind and easy to talk to and intellectually stimulating. I work (and still do) in a really toxic office, mainly because the current director is a former colleague who I never got along with, and who now is emotionally abusive, for all intents and purposes, toward me in her position of power. I put up with it because I am working toward financial freedom in this job. One of my subordinates also doesn't like me, and has turned all the others against me as much as he can. In any event, I have not been at my best emotionally (PTSD, depression, abuse and bullying in my past, no friends, etc.), and I made the mistake of going along with the micromanaging, rude behavior of the director. I treated this guy horribly, and even though I knew my actions were wrong, I didn't really know how to break out. I'm now slowly learning to unlearn all of the toxicity of my past and I am becoming emotionally healthier, and won't be in this job forever, but he quit about 7 weeks ago and moved to another city, eight hours away. I have been afraid to reach out to him through email or text because of all he lousy things that happened. He's single, and surely won't be for long, but with the bad blood (which was him talking about me, I'm sure, with the other employee behind my back, who he became good friends with, and me being a micromanager and rude), I don't really know if he'd want me now anyway. what can I do

2017-07-30 02:51:54

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