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How do I get my German Shepherd puppy on a sleep schedule?

My parents brought me home a German Shepherd puppy Monday as a gift since I had been wanting my own dog for sometime. She sleeps in my room in a kennel at night and during the day we sit in the living room. I put her to bed usually around 9 but the last night I had family over so it was rougher to put her to bed. I can’t leave without her crying but it’s slowly getting better as of today. After her potty breaks at night I put her back in the kennel and she throws a MAJOR fit. Barking, crying and tearing at her pillow and blanket. What can I do to make her stop crying every time? Should I put up a gate around her kennel and let her run around in there or keep her in the kennel and let her cry it out?

2018-07-07 19:48:57

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