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I'm so scared of heart disease at age 20?

I'm 20 and overweight my height is 6 feet and 20o lbs or 95kg ive been experiencing some weird symptoms like sweating especially at night diarrhea tremor in my hands and generally a inner tremor and a high heart rate sometimes of 90-100bpm I got tested and scanned they scanned my heart did some enzyme and blood tests and the doc said im fine i just need to lower my weight My truglyceride count was 224 I'm scared i immedieatly changed ny diet and eating habits and lost 4 kilos already What annoys me is that i have a very mild chest pain that comes and goes sometimes my upper back hurts. It hurts in the middle of my spine Each time i drink cold water i feel oain in my chest and upler back Am i developing heart disease

2018-07-07 20:19:19

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