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(Islamic Sharia law question)?

My father is not my biological father, i was switched when i was a kid ( long story ), Now he is feeding me the pills just incase he dies so they could say i'm crazy, so i would not inherit anything, i am a very good looking guy that every girl falls for, But with the pills it's causing me over 60 kilos of weight gain, plus it causes skin darkening. (from pale white to brown) hehehehe. Thing is also these pills causing me social anxiety, depression, plus when i'm on these meds i get bad looks from people. if he had to do this to me... he has to have lots of money. he just bought a house worth 500k$ plus he owns a car showroom with 60 plus cars worth over 600k$, i'm the only boy and the rest is 5 daughters He does not want to stop the medications so i could leave peacefully. he wants me to stay. he tells me that "after time these meds will have no effect on you and you will become normal again" So i said ok... (I'm talking about risperdal, that why im posting this i need explanation) And, i'm still waiting, it's been 5 years. all it did was increase my anxiety and depression plus now i cant stay in the sunlight, plus in high temperature weather i become very nervous what should i do now? just leaving is a better choice? all these years wasted having anxiety and depression disorders? was all of this just a lie to make me stay? can you tell me? Country btw is lebanon. I am now 23.

2018-07-07 20:42:37

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