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Are decoden phone cases good for everyday use?

I have kind of an obsure phone, and they actually don t make any 0hone cases for my specific type of phone. There s only one phone case that I have heard of that actually fits my phone. (it s for a different phone, but it s a 2 part case with the silicone part and then the hard plastic part over it) but the case is quite plain and boring so I thought I d decoden it up to make it pretty. But I haven t found anything about what it s actually like using a decoden phone case. I imagine it d be uncomfortable to hold at first but that would just need some getting used to. But how do they hold up? Do the cabochons fall off quickly? How long do decoden cases last before they start falling apart? If anyone has used one before I d greatly appreciate your opinion of them. Thanks!

2018-07-07 21:08:37

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