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Will it run Windows 10?

I have a acre aspire one, just planning to do basic programs and maybe some online YouTube, emails and school homework. It is lightweight and portable. Seems easy to use. My friend gave it to me because he doesn’t use it anymore. He said it does run but he didn’t have the powersupply to boot it up. So I was unable to see the specs. I bought a replacement powersupply for it but I want to run updated windows. Will it be able to run smoothly with windows 10 32 bit? It has a hdd if 5200 rpm 160gb, Ram is 1gb ddr2. I am soon going to get a 2gb ram. I think it is a 1ghz atom processor. It has a wireless lan card so that’s off of the headache list. The driver ports seem up to date with three usb and a vga output, multiple card reader and a Ethernet port. Any comments? Let me know if I would run into any problems please.

2018-07-07 21:36:57

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