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When can I wear high heels again after a mild injury?

I was walking around in high wedge sandals and I was able to walk in it ok, the shoe felt comfortable, I did not fall or anything. I noticed that my left toe felt a bit tingly and numb. The doctor said its nothing serious. There’s no pain. Then I noticed that my left leg looked a bit swollen. I think the leg looks a bit swollen because of the pressure from wearing the shoe and I stopped wearing the shoes. The dr. said its puffy but not really swollen. There's not much pain, other than mild soreness. I can still walk ok. I already saw the doctor for this twice. Can wearing high heels really cause this? This never happened before. Why do you think this happened? Is this some injury? The doctor I last saw said it should take 1 week to go away. It's been over a week now and its still there. So when will I get better and be able to wear high heels again?

2018-07-07 23:30:39

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