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Why isn't discrimination based on credit score illegal?

discrimination is not OK so why is it legal for businesses to discriminate based on credit score? The credit system focuses way too much on negative things, and ignores too many positives to be an accurate way to determine someone's trustworthiness. example: Is paying your rent or utility bill on time over and over again a sign of good financial integrity? Of course it is! But you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at your credit score because it doesn't take that into account! On the other hand if you OWE a utility bill, it all of a sudden matters and your credit takes a hit! Who's to say a ding on your credit is a bad mark on you anyway? Maybe someone used your information? Maybe you moved and for whatever reason the bill stayed in your name? There are multiple possibilities for there to be a debt that aren't necessarily indicative of lack of integrity on the person who "owes". Life happens, and you can't judge a book by it's cover. everyone has a unique, individual case, and discriminating based on credit alone is a convenient way to ignore this. It's just like discriminating based on how someone looks. Whatever happened to getting to know people on an individual level and using personal experience alone instead of some negative-oriented system of judgment? Too many people to do this with? well thats the problem with jobs that macromanage people! Individual consideration should never, ever be compromised and if it is, that job shouldn't exist. scott b: you went ad hominem without reading it all. what kind of answer is that?

2018-07-08 02:44:40

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