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How would you deal with Walmart pharmacy not refunding my money through GoodRX coupon?

Several days ago I had to fill four prescriptions. It came to a lot of money. There was no way possible I could have entered the drug names into my computer because I couldn't read the prescriptions the Dr. wrote out. After I filled them, I then got on line & saw I could save a lot with several of the meds. I went back to Walmart & the lady refunded me money back for one of them that came to $49.00. The other she said she couldn't because it didn't show in their computer. I then called GoodRX & they called Walmart. Someone there said it was too late because I could not get a refund on the other. GoodRX had entered the wrong med & they told them that. They still said they couldn't refund my money. Why could they two days ago then?? This is not fair or right, meds cost far too much as it is. I faxed over info to the pharmacy & they are just ignoring this.

2019-04-02 02:39:26

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