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Is there something wrong with me ?

So normally i wear a lot of makeup because i love it for one, im really good at it, and I work at a makeup store that requires you to wear makeup. Ever since I was young I was “emo” and very into that scene and as i grew up i grew out of the fringe and heavy eyeliner but i love tattoos and piercings. I’ve had one down my spine for quite some time but recently I decided to chop off my long brown hair, have shoulder length black hair with wispy bangs, a vertical labret piercing and a tattoo on my shoulder. I really love how it looks...but it give me anxiety kinda. Like i feel like it’s me, but it’s not me. I just feel like i don’t recognize myself and it feels like a different person. I could cry about it because i don’t know who it is yet I do because it’s me. Is there something wrong with me? or is this normal?

2019-04-02 10:49:31

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