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How can I turn a brand new satin finish rifle stock into a glossy one?

Here's the deal, I want the glossy stock from the X-bolt Medallion, but can only get the caliber I'm after in the regular X-Bolt Hunter (plus I prefer the satin barrel finish over the glossy one). How can I convert the brand new satin finished Hunter stock to a more glossy Medallion looking stock? I have considered using a stripper on it, then re-applying something like Tru Oil. I have also heard of just applying some sort of wax to it. I have no desire to sand it, since there are no marks/scratches/dents, plus I want to avoid any potential sanding errors. Many thanks in advanced, and I'm not after a discussion on rifles :) The rifle is already chosen, just need to glossy up the stock.

2013-03-12 15:07:43

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