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symptoms of raynauds disease?

I was told 2 winters ago that I had raynauds disease. but my fingers and toes dont turn white or blue. they just get and stay very cold and then i get these sores like under the skin. they swell a little and hurt pretty bad if i grab something or pick somthing up and i push on the area where the sore is it hurts. they are just red and hurt. and then after they are there for about a week they start to itch a little. then they eventually go away. i guess my question is does raynauds cause sores like this or is it possible its from something else. and this only happens when they weather changes and it gets cold. and i used to smoke and it was way worse i actually got blackish blue spots on my toes when i still smoked.

2012-11-18 20:11:37

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