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sensory issues causing distress?

i know there is something unusual about me, i have been told that i am at least of average intelligence but the way i understand and view the world seems to be different to other people. i have an educational report saying i have poor visual processing skills which is accurate i have no sense of direction, poor spatial awareness, don't recognise people easily and struggle with copying tasks particularly numbers. i also see lots and lots of brightly coloured lights/dots making my sight grainy and i see a kind of coloured light when i move my eyes after looking at something, my hearing is normal but certain sounds are very uncomfortable and sometimes painful eg coffee machines, food mixers, roadworks etc. everyday sounds like the washing machine and sitting on the bus make my head feel fuzzy. it has been suggested i may have aspergers as i have some social difficulties but most people agree it doesn't really fit as i can hold a conversation, understand sarcasm and have empathy. maybe my social problems are caused by not coping well in social settings with group conversations and a lot of background noise. does anyone know what this could be? i am 22 years old and will soon be starting a work trial which i am very nervous about these problems need addressing before they loose me my potential job. thanks

2012-11-18 20:24:55

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