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Does my student housing company/Special Property management company need a C Corp or LLC?

I just started a student housing company in Los Angeles and I essentially help students from abroad find housing in LA. I Used to work with another company that did the same but more and would sign master leases at large apartment complexes under their company name, then sublease to exchange students that they contracted with. My question is: if I want to replicate this business model, would I need an LLC or C Corp? Why I ask is because I won't be necessarily doing full property management but I will be accepting checks/handling roommate issues etc. All complexes i work with have their own prop management companies onsite too. I do have my brokers license as well. Perhaps it's berter to get a c corp if I plan to manage properties later? Any pros and cons would help because I haven't had much luck with this niche market in terms of advice.

2012-11-18 20:20:48

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